What Is Wrong with People?

Barb and I left the house for church Sunday morning. I looked up on the hooks where I store my bicycle in the garage and had a sinking feeling. Someone had stolen my bike. From my garage. While we were home. In a gated community.

The bicycle was not particularly valuable. Yet it had high sentimental value as it was the bike I rode last year from Anacortes, Washington to Bar Harbor, Maine, over 4,000 miles.

It’s just a thing, a possession. I can get a different bike and probably a much better one. But I am extremely disappointed that someone would steal something so brazenly.

Rode this bike from WA to ME

Then I saw on Facebook that someone had stolen this unique Easter Island-type mailbox from my dear friend and editor Rosemary Strong. Irreplaceable. What is wrong with people?

Rosemary Strong’s Unique Mailbox

Yes, this is a fallen world. And petty theft is far from the most serious thing that’s wrong with it. But Rosemary and I both live in upper middle class neighborhoods and the culprits are likely neighbors. How many of the Seven Deadly Sins were committed? It’s sad.

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