Happy Superman Day!

Did you know that June 12th is Superman Day?

I suppose it’s only fitting to honor our greatest superhero. After all, he is a selfless proponent for truth, justice and the American way.

In the spirit of Superman Day, I wish to announce that I have written a book on the humanity of Jesus entitled, “The Superman Syndrome,” which will be released shortly.

Some people compare Superman to Jesus. Was Jesus the first superhero? Superman can fly and has X-ray vision; Jesus can walk on water and raise the dead. But has our cultural obsession with the superhero phenomenon colored our perception of the historical Jesus? Scripture tells us the Eternal Son “emptied himself” and sacrificed so much when God became man in the form of a baby born in Bethlehem.

In this fascinating and insightful study we explore the nature of the man, Jesus of Nazareth. What does the Bible say about His humanity and divinity and the source of His power? Was He omnipotent? Omniscient? Or do believers today have access to the same power that enabled Jesus to heal the sick and cast out demons?

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4 Responses to Happy Superman Day!

  1. Karen says:

    I see you have “Love.com” noted on your site but not “Suicide Squeeze”…you left me hanging with that one! Is the sequel out yet or at least in progress? Thought I would have all this time to read after I retired…not happening!!! Have to pick and choose my books now, so they have to be really good. I’ve read these several times…just so you know… while I wait for the rest of the story!

    • Karen says:

      Oh yes, Happy Superman Day to you too! Nice to know it landed on my birthday!

    • admin says:

      Hi Karen,

      Hope you had a great birthday! Thanks for reading. My readers (and there are not as many as I would like) are very dear to me.

      I am working on the sequel to Suicide Squeeze. My working title is “Ten Little Indians” where Merc and the Chief get involved in an Indian casino deal with some shady characters.


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