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Book Review – The Globe by R. Doug Wicker

The most underrated book I read in 2012 is The Globe by R. Doug Wicker. It’s underrated because it’s not selling particularly well, but should be. It’s a great read. You know when you read a certain book, you just … Continue reading

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Character du jour – Joseph (Big Chief) Huff

Absolutely, one of my favorite characters in my new book, Suicide Squeeze, is Joseph (Big Chief) Huff. I think I had more fun creating him than any other character including my main character, Mercury Mercer. The Chief is a pitcher, … Continue reading

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Wrecked: When a Broken World Slams into Your Comfortable Life

What happens to your heart when you encounter human need so intense your soul can no longer ignore it? When you find yourself absolutely compelled to respond to the second Great Commandment: “Love your neighbor as yourself?” The answer is … Continue reading

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Romney saves baby, economy

Yesterday, presidential hopeful Mitt Romney caught a baby which fell twenty-four miles from space. The baby, Felix Baumgartner, fell out of a capsule, and broke the sound barrier before Romney made a clean catch. Supporters say Romney will also catch … Continue reading

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Did the first debate change enough minds?

It’s probably not a good idea for a writer to comment too publicly about politics or religion. However, since I am passionate about both subjects I am going to violate the conventional wisdom. After all, one of my favorite fiction … Continue reading

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New Cover – What do you think?

I have decided on the title for my new release, “Suicide Squeeze.” For those of you who don’t follow the nuances of baseball, a suicide squeeze is a risky baseball play. Here is my graphic artist’s first attempt: Yes, we caught … Continue reading

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The Face of Compassion

I have been thinking a lot about compassion recently, or rather my lack of it. We live in a broken world, and many people are hurting, yet I find myself almost coasting, doing little to ease the suffering of my … Continue reading

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Uh-oh; I’m starting over!

I’m pretty decent with technology. Okay, I’m lousy at texting and haven’t figured out how to stream video from the computer to the TV. What chapped my lips recently is that I lost my entire website: all my cool blog … Continue reading

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